Brent Waterworth, Skateboard and Film Photography

Hi Brent, can you introduce yourself briefly to our readers? My name is Brent Waterworth and I am an art director/photographer born & raised in the Los Angeles area. ©Brent Waterworth How did you discover photography? Growing up skateboarding every day & being in the streets with my friends making...

In COVERED, Alan Powdrill Reveals Some Beautiful Secrets

In these diptychs, composed of a dressed portrait and a nude portrait, he questions the perception that one can have of a person, while documenting the explosion of the tattoo. These portraits seem to show two facets of the models: the one that has adapted to society, and the deeper,...

Joel Meyerowitz: For the Love of 8x10

What few people realize is that Meyerwitz started his career as a black-and-white 35mm street shooter. The only reason why he married street photography and large format cameras is because he tried all film sizes and quickly realized the limitations. From black-and-white 35mm shooting, to capturing exclusively in Kodachrome, moving...

The World of Erik Johansson

His optical illusions, created by combining several photographs, take us into unknown and intriguing worlds. Here he talks about his beginnings, his way of creating his images, and more... Hello Erik, can you introduce yourself to our readers? I'm a photographer and visual artist from Sweden based in Prague, Czech...

Nocturnal Exploration with Karel Chladek

Hi Karel, can you introduce yourself briefly to our readers? Hey guys, my name is Karel Chladek, I’m 27 and I am based in Montreal. I am a nightlife and music photographer. How did you discover photography? The creative field (Drawing/Design/3D) was a big part of my life before photography...

Richard Avedon: 1985 In the American West

“Sometimes I think all my pictures are just pictures of me. My concern is… the human predicament; only what I consider the human predicament may simply be my own,” explains Avedon as he explains his approach to portraiture. Richard Avedon is a legend in portrait photography and his work ceaselessly...

Fake viral photos from 2016

Perfect timing (or is it?!) Nikon recently announced that the winner of one of their photo contests was Chay Yu Wei. The photo was almost too perfect to be true. However, according to PetaPixel other photographers quickly denounced the image as being Photoshopped. The photographer defended himself by saying that...

Jessica Kobeissi, Fashion Photographer And Youtuber

Jessica Kobeissi is a young fashion photographer. Her honesty and generosity have built a strong following of over 500,000 people, who watch her adventures and listen to her advice on Youtube. We asked a few questions about her work, the importance of social media, and more! Hi Jessica, can you...

Aweng Chuol Tells You How to do it

Being a good photographer is not only about technical knowledge. When shooting a person, whether we are a fashion, documentary, portrait photographer, the relationship established with the subject will determine the quality of your image. That’s why we wanted to talk with someone who gets photographed for a living. Aweng...

William Eggleston: You Will Be Criticized Whatever You Do

Every influential photographer has always been criticized for whatever reason. Some will blame him for not following the rules, others will be presumptuous enough to try to make something new. Every time we rebel against the status quo imposed by the majority, we are subjected to the merciless test of...

The Beauty of Everyday Life, Iris Humm

Seeing beauty and finding inspiration in the little things in life, stopping on scenes that seem insignificant to most people… maybe that's what defines an artistic soul. In any case, this is what animates photographer Iris Humm, who shares the simple beauty of her daily life, sublimated by her talent...
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