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Picadilly Gardens
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0203 936 8810
Monday from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm, Tuesday - Friday from 8:00 am to 9:00 pm and Saturday from 1:00 pm to 7:00 pm
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What to Photograph in your city?

Eclectic architecture, world-famous art galleries and vibrant neighbourhoods: there's so much to photograph in Manchester! Stroll around your city, camera in hand, and immerse yourself in Manchester's creative charm, which has inspired generations of artists and rock stars. Head to your favourite neighbourhood to practice reportage photography and discover the stories Manchester has to tell. What better location than trendy Ancoats for street photography practice? Whether you are a pro, amateur or Instagrammer, Manchester is a great city to master your craft!

If landscape photography is more your thing, why not spend the weekend with your camera in one of Manchester's numerous parks? We love Heaton Park, which is a gorgeous place to escape the city and spend the day photographing nature.

Prefer to photograph people? Our online courses will help teach you skills to snap the perfect party photo or take memorable pictures at weddings and events. We even have an online class for the best selfie! Impress your friends with your new photography training or give them a course as a gift!

If you don't have an SLR camera, DSLR camera or a film camera, we have courses in smartphone photography too. Our photography courses are varied and packed with knowledge. Like Manchester, there is something for everyone.

Photography Courses and Online Courses for Everyone!

Do you have a camera but don’t know how to use it properly? Eager to get out and shoot your city? Join one of our photography courses! You don't need to have professional photography experience or a creative university degree. Have a look at our courses for beginners, including the online courses. You will learn new skills and techniques, from shutter speed to depth of field, and exposure to Iso. We also have courses in Leeds and Liverpool. Our photographers will lead you across all technical terms, show you how to manage your camera settings and help you out with specific issues. By the end you will get the best use out of your camera :)