Professional photographers

Teaching photography courses

The pedagogical team of THE PHOTO ACADEMY is a nice mix of professional photographers with various backgrounds and approaches. Photography is a broad field and so is our team!

Each of the trainers will be able to propose their knowledge, between practical exercises and theoretical explanations, culture and personal experiences.

If you fancy the work and style of one photographer in particular, you can book a private class with him or her!

Our photographers

DeMarcus Allen

Born and raised in the United States, DeMarcus Allen is a working photographer in Paris, who travels throughout the world for photographic projects. Though having been fond of photography since his youth, being a photographer had never crossed his mind growing up. It wasn’t until he moved to Paris to pursue his masters degree (after having worked in the prison system in the U.S.) that he bought a camera, simply to send photos of this unknown place home to his family. 
After months of shooting landscapes and architecture, DeMarcus wanted to try something to add more emotion to his photos:...

Ishan Bagai

Ishan Bagai is a Mumbai based freelance photographer with eight years of experience. He is mainly into travel, lifestyle and studio photography. He has also been a travel writer and a guest faculty at various universities across India. The working of a camera from a very young age always fascinated him. He grew up in a small tourist town of Shimla where he received his basic education. In 2011 he enrolled into a Mass Communication course from where his interest in photography grew as a profession. To further his knowledge Ishan enrolled into De Montfort University, Leicester. He completed his...

Olesia Banie

I started my photography journey in 2015, when I moved to Luxembourg, from knowing nothing about the camera I bought to the professional service such as wedding, family and lifestyle portrait photography.

During those years and upon till now I keep developing my skillset by participating in photographers’ workshops worldwide.
My works are not limited by digital photography only, many clients and projects I photograph on analogue film.
My main areas of training are: photography for beginners, light, composition and portrait.

My training promise: you will understand all key concepts and principles in the very structured way, that you will...

Neil Bankhurst

My name is Neil and I am a professional portrait photographer who travels across all of the UK capturing people at their wedding, favourite location or in the comfort of their own home.

​Back in the day before digital when I started my photography journey, I had an Olympus OM-1, an amazing camera which helped me fall in love with Photography.

​Today I use Sony cameras, Rotolight and Godox lights plus a huge range of other equipment to capture those special moments and I trained initially with David Miller Photography who elevated me to a professional level and helped me...

Jayden Beaudoin

As much as Edmonton based photographer Jayden Eric Beaudoin says he will photograph anything, he feels most at home shooting live music events. As a professional musician, the skills and knowledge of concerts and other events has translated to a unique photographic perspective. He's grateful that, through music and photography, he has been able to connect with so many diverse audiences from a wide variety of backgrounds, fueling his passion and allowing him to combine familiar experiences with new perspectives. Whether it's a private student, a group lesson, or a clinic, Jayden is always excited to meet new students and...

Amelie Berton

Amélie Berton is a self-taught photographer who loves to share her passion for photography. She will guide you to improve your skills through both technical and practical advice.
Amélie starts in photography to document and capture important moments and personal events. She very early specialized in portrait photography, fascinated by people and their emotions.
Feeling the need to materialize her thoughts she began to stage her portraits. She gradually discovered that photography is not only a way to document the outside world, but also a tool to explore people´s inner and intimate world.
Amélie creates her images to tell a...

Margaux Biancheri

Margaux Biancheri is a French journalist and photographer from Monaco based in London. From 2011 to 2016 her artists portraits and society photo reports were published in a range of magazines. The main body of her work is based on natural light, with a predominance of black and white pictures, however she is experienced in studios techniques and opened herself to new horizons by working in the fashion industry, building model portfolios in London since 2016.

Francois Boutemy

Francois Boutemy's  fascination with photography has grown into a daily occupation, a natural conclusion arising from a childhood interest in the use of imagery as commentary on the world around him. In particular, becoming 'graphically literate' has perhaps evolved from Dyslexia, the aptitude and development of expression through visual images came far more naturally than translating meaning through written words, in this sense it is Francois' first language. Based in London, in residence at Simulacra Studio, which has continued to grow since it's 2006 launch,  he is never short of subject matter and stimulation. Drawing on life experience, he has...

Richard Buijsman

Richard has university degrees in geography and environmental sciences and is in addition a licensed and award-winning photographer. He is born in the Netherlands and professionally active in Belgium since 20 years. He runs photo studio Boriann in Borsbeek, near the center of Antwerp, and specializes in product, portrait and event photography. Richard cooperates a.o. with Canon Belgium, numerous businesses. In addition he also does volunteer works for culture and nature oriented charities. Currently he coordinates the activities of The Photo Academy for all matters in Dutch.
Richard is an experience teacher and has a talent for comprehensively teaching the...

Oscar Bustos

Hi everyone! I am an International Published Photographer and an Industrial Engineer.  I have a Master degree in Supply Chain Management and Project Management. I originally fell in love with photography through a family member's beautiful journalism work. My Uncle would document my family’s everyday life as well as important events such as weddings. His portraiture of my family members was inspiring, and this is one of the reasons I've started photography - to capture images of my own family, and the people of the world. 

I'm inspired by the love I have for my home city Vancouver BC.  Its...

Florian Carbonara

Born in France, Florian settled in Montreal in 2019. It is first through architecture that he experimented with photography.
With a background in art school and specializing in interior design, his eye naturally gravitates towards light, clean lines and the geometry of the spaces that surround him.
Today he collaborates with architects and designers to highlight their architectural work, teaches photography, and if he often feels cramped within four walls, photography also serves as an excuse to travel and explore more personal themes.

Serge Casier

Serge is born and raised at the Belgian Coast, but is now a proud citizen of Ghent where he is active as photographer.
His passion for photography already started at the age of 8, using a Agfa rapid camera.
At the age of 15, he bought his first SLR camera and took photography courses at the Academy of arts after school hours.
Currently he organises workshops and demonstrations, on behalf of Canon.  His bilingualism offers Serge the possibility to work in all Belgian regions. 
Commercially, Serge focuses on event photography for both business to business and business to customer markets. ...

Bertrand Cavalier

Bertrand Cavalier explores the interactions between people and their environment. Exploiting photography’s ability to penetrate the tissue that binds individuals together and embeds them into their surroundings, he creates poetic renditions of singular moments, rather than objective documents of social phenomena. Cavalier’s images reveal how the socio-political order informs everyday life through architecture and the urban landscape. At the same time, however, his interest goes out to the process through which people restructure the space they navigate and make it their own. As such, his photography attests to those aspects of everyday life that creatively appropriate dominant ideology and in...

Marina Cavazza

After studying Philosophy in Italy, Marina worked in the world of images in various countries: editing in Rome and Barcelona, working at press agencies and as a photography assistant in Paris.
Following this learning period as a self-taught photographer "in the field," she began working on her own artistic fingerprint, returning to her old family home.
Her first job as an independent photographer was a one-year documentary project in Marcinelle (Belgium), 50 years after the mine accident. This work was published by the Editor Pellti Associait : Dans l’intimité de la mémoire, Marcinelle 1956-2006. 
She was selected to participate in...

Annette Cheung

As an emerging artist and photographer based in Vancouver BC, Annette Cheung uses photography as a means to express what she sees, how she feels, and what she has learned in field. 
“Photography is an intriguing medium because anything I document, may it be people or places, are all authentic and my experiences engaging with each of them are always real, personal, and true.”

Bobby Chi

I am a primary fashion photographer based in Los Angles with many years spent working in the studio capturing some of the famous designer’s garments and models. Recently I have been working with social media influencers to enhance their portfolio and media contents, no longer working in a studio but in a chaotic natural outdoor environment. I love to share my experience in the journey out into the natural outdoor world using some of the fundamental techniques used in my studio works.
In addition to the fundamental skills of photographing, post-processing has become one of the must-have skills. I have...

Andy Cranford

Andy Cranford is an Ottawa-based freelance photographer. Born in St. Catharines, he moved to Ottawa in 2005 to study Psychology. Curious about human nature and the lives behind the person, his photography is based heavily in the journalistic style as see in his portrait and wedding photography. He got his start in photography while spending time in the beauty of the lakes and forests in Muskoka and Algonquin, documenting nature and his experiences while hiking and camping.
Currently Andy is an adventure, wedding and portrait photographer as well as participating in various other disciplines of photography. He is a very...

Zahra Darvishian

Upon completion of her master’s degree in photography, Zahra Darvishian has showcased her photographs and video art in solo and group exhibitions.
She is a photography critic and has served on a few photo contests as a juror. She writes reviews and articles for art journals and magazines and has pursued her passion in street, portraiture and conceptual photography. She is currently residing in Vancouver and teaches at BCIT.

Sander de Wilde

Sander de Wilde is a Dutch Photographer who now resides in Brussels, Belgium. His mother had a darkroom and his father was specialized in collecting and photographing caterpillars and butterflies.
From the age of 16 Sander was a sailing teacher during the holidays, always with a camera. After visiting the Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague (NL) he worked in photo studios before starting his own business in Rotterdam in 2002, doing mainly corporate and advertising photography.
In 2007 Sander moved to Brussels, where he mainly works for international magazines and newspapers. His photography is heavily influenced by street...

Darren Dean

Ever since I was given my first camera at the age of 12, I have been passionate about photography.
The magic of photography has not only intrigued me, but the translation from the click of the shutter to a finished image has always amazed me.
I have won several photography competitions, including a national landscape photography competition, and regularly shot landscape images for calendars and other markets. I now take great satisfaction in crafting professional photographs of all types of subject, and enjoy the spectrum of challenges that photography provides, from Wedding, portrait, models and landscape photography.

Catherine East

Catherine was given her first DLSR as a birthday gift years ago by a group of friends and what started as a little dabble turned into a business venture. She took pictures of her own children, then her friends’ children and finally listened to those close to her and began fitting in photography assignments along side her career as a project manager. Fast forward 10 years and here she is, a freelance photographer – working with couples getting married, families and small business brands – the full circle of life! So photography is now a full time career choice and...

Alex Eggermont

I’m from Belgium but am now based in Squamish, BC. I’m mostly focused on outdoor photography, having sold rock climbing photos and videos from all over the world to brands such as Patagonia, Black Diamond, Petzl, Scarpa, La Sportiva, and many others.

Despite having studied electro-mechanical engineering, I work for an outdoor company here in Squamish as a photographer/videographer and beside the outdoors, I love playing and recording music in my home studio.

I’ve been travelling and living out of my camper truck for 3 years before that and have been embracing a fairly simple lifestyle.

Andrew Felix

I am a Melbourne Based self-taught boudoir photographer of 6 years. I find myself in the photography field as I enjoy the aspect of empowering women and capturing beauty, the energy I put into my shoots, and the impact on the women I have worked with, is life changing. Enabling women to see themselves is a very rewarding experience. Then of course there is the art form and as you know a photo tells 1000 stories, the technical equipment and technical post processing side.

Many people express themselves in different ways. My work has been with people from a wide...

Laurent Fobe

Laurent behaalde zijn Fotografie Master aan het KASK te Gent in 2011. 
In zijn Master project ‘Village’ observeerde hij de interacties van de bezoekers ‘Maasmechelen retail village’. Tijdens zijn opleiding deed hij stages bij ‘Knack Magazine’ (foto-publicatie) en ‘De Bijloke muziekcentrum’ (fotografie-tentoonstelling). 
Sindsdien heeft Laurent verschillende onderwerpen in beeld gebracht. 
Gaande van meer technische opdrachten als voedselfotografie, studiofotografie met modellen, interieurfotografie en kunstreproducties 
tot meer sociale projecten zoals filmsetreportages, eventreportages en vluchtelingenkampen in Libanon, tot trouw- en rouwfotografie.
In 2014 bezocht Laurent Het KASK opnieuw voor een fotografie-lerarenopleiding, in het kader hiervan deed hij verder stages bij verschillende academies en...

Giancarlo Fortunato

He studies Design and Photography in Cremona – Philosophy and History of Art in Venezia. Still young he starts working in photography, graphics and architecture. Between 1982 and 1992 he lives and works in Milano as a Designer where he discloses his own cultural path.
The professional and intellectual maturity develops his inner quest to civil commitments, moving him directly into the world of solidarity towards the southern side of the Humanity.
From 1993 to 2000 he’s involved in both humanitarian and social/civil photo-reportage projects; as a humanitarian worker, in relief programs (emergency contexts) and as a photo-reporter, in tough...

Hardik Gaurav

I am a Freelance photographer and film-maker based in Bristol. I have been professionally doing photography for last 4 years and my strength lies in capturing natural light portraits. I like to add some human elements in most of my compositions. I love traveling and meeting people from all walks of life. It makes me appreciate the human connection we share with each other and it also aids me in taking a portrait more soulfully. Other than photography I am a big movie buff and can have a good conversation over a coffee about the classic ones.

Gregory Geipel

Gregory Geipel is a Commercial and Fine Art Photographer. Since graduating with honours from Vancouver’s Focal Point Visual Arts school in 2010, Greg has photographed for some of Canada’s most recognized companies. Gregory uses a critical and objective eye to create focused and detailed photography. Gregory's Fine Art photography has been exhibited across Vancouver at various galleries and photography exhibitions. Gregory also volunteers his time and work with several local Arts Councils and Organizations.

Farah Ghazal

Story teller, photographer, graphic designer, and creator of beautiful things
I’m a Destination Wedding Photographer , who loves to photograph romantic and intimate weddings, elopements and events and travel all around the world.
I'm truly blessed to have found what I love in life and be able to pursue it. It’s not always easy to take that leap of faith and put your heart’s work on display, but it always leads to beautiful and unexpected destinations.
I believe that memories can be fleeting, but photos can capture these moments and make them last forever, long after your memories have faded....

Owen Harvey

Owen Harvey started his photography journey back in 2003 when he brought a Sony A200 to help him with his understanding of light/shadow/contrast and composition while studying 3D animation and University.
After the financial recession of 2008 had hit, and jobs were becoming more scarce. Owen decided to turn his creative talents towards building a successful photography business. Since that decision, Owen has spent most of his time building his brand and growing his portfolio and client base.
Owen mainly shoots client events, both personal and corporate, weddings, food photography, Interior photography, and when he has time to spare, fashion.

Antonin Hemo

Professional photographer, Antonin Hemo lives and works in Paris. He receives a gift his first reaction to the age of 11. artistic parents of a child, he quickly developed a critical eye on the painting, art and what generally surrounds. Having studied at the Beaux Arts in Paris, he went through various channels before reaching the professional photograph. First artist, he was a sculptor and performer and has collaborated with many international artists. Then, working in an interior architecture firm as a consultant colors and materials, he decided to chuck everything and get back to a passion that accompanied him...

Lian Hong

Lian Hong is a London-based visual artist and freelance, portrait and advertising photographer. Her style of photography is a hybrid, drawing inspiration from many different sources: films, music, books, magazines or even a fashion collection. Lian has been fortunate, carving out a career photographing celebrities, musicians, designers, real people, and children with stylised authenticity, ensuring her fashion-photojournalistic style runs through all these categories, despite their diversity. She possesses the art of effortlessly, working either in solo, or, as part of a team; capturing the raw, and natural emotions of a person/people against simple or staged backgrounds. Lian takes pride in...

Mark Hughes

Mark Hughes is a writer, educator, forensic engineer as well as being an award winning and accredited professional photographer (PPOC).  Although specializing in portraits of people and pet, Mark also creates stunning fine art landscape and nature photographic images (markhughesphotography.ca).  His photographs have been published through National Geographic and he has exhibited his nature series (Fallen) and black and white cityscapes (Tourist at Home). Mark is accredited canine portraiture photographer through the Professional Photographers of Canada (PPOC).

Gary Hurdman

Gary Hurdman is a Birmingham based photographer with 15 years’ experience of pointing a camera in one direction or another.  He will tell you he enjoys all aspects of photography but from his portfolio it’s clear that he spends a lot of his time in the studio where he has built a reputation as a portrait specialist, priding himself in helping families capture a joyous moment in time. 
Gary’s enthusiasm for photography is infectious and helping others enjoy photography as much as he does is a real passion of his.  He enjoys the satisfaction of helping people develop their camera...

Gezim Ibrahimi

My name Is Gezim, I am a Vancouver based photographer.
Born and raised in Albania. Moved to Italy when i was 18 to study modern art, languages, and literature. After spending 11 years in Italy enjoying La Dolce Vita, decided to Move to Canada in 2012.
My passion for photography started at very early age and it gradually become part of my life. One of my favourite quotes about photography is this one by Steve McCurry
“My life is shaped by the urgent need to wander and observe , and my camera is my passport”
My favourite type of photography...

Eugene Ivanoff

My name is Eugene Ivanoff from Leeds, West Yorkshire, UK. I am a man who loves making photographs and spending time with my family (my wife Maria and two daughters – Vili and Stela), traveling around the world for pleasure.
After a long romance with the art, I get to find in photography the muse of my own creativity. My interest in photography stems from an early age. I find myself becoming more and more jaded with the photographic landscape of today and people who are telling stories with their bodies and faces. I never want to be someone who...

Adeel Jawed

Adeel Jawed is a Calgary based photographer who loves spending time capturing the beauty of nature, people and everyday items. His love affair with photography began at a young age but he became serious about it when he bought his first DSLR 12 years ago. He finds photography therapeutic and stress relieving and enjoys the process of creating images rather than taking snapshots. Being curious by nature, he loves experimenting with different styles of photography and is always on the lookout for new techniques in image capture, lighting or editing. He also loves studying the work of other great photographers...

Kevin Jones

As a teenager I always wanted an Olympus OM10 film SLR but I was intimidated by f stops and shutter speeds. I had no idea how I was meant to know what were the right settings? I never got that Olympus camera and it wasn't until many years later that I bought my first proper camera, a Nikon F65. Armed with multiple rolls of Fuji Velvia slide film I wandered the mountainous areas of the UK taking a lot of bad landscape photos and the occasional good one!
Since those film days I've invested in a number of Nikon DSLR's...

Sidney Kapuskar

Sidney Kapuskar is of German-Indian origin. After graduating as a photographer from the Istituto Europeo di Design in Italy, he decided to settle in Paris.

He works as a portrait photographer and ventures between film and digital, his favorite subjects are landscape photography, organic matter and the artistic nude. His great passion are the old processes, his images are entirely realized in an artisanal way.

Teresa Kaufman

Well know in the english-speaking world for her feline photography in natural settings and in France for her B&W humanistic photography, Teresa studied journalism in America but believed that the skills of a photo-journalist are learned on the turf.  She has to her credit a B&W photo book - Therese et ses deux frères -  which has sold already 2000 copies on rural life in the French Alps.
She learned photography using the family heirloom cameras - and still does ! - but has welcomed digital photography into her present professional life in order to better communicate with her students.  

Yana Klein

I am a Russian born, portrait and lifestyle photographer residing in Melbourne, Australia.
Specialising in family, boudoir, couples and branding photography, the main focus of my work is feelings and emotions, and, people and their interactions that come with it.
Inspired by humans and their multidimensional nature, I like to dig deeper drawing attention to the very raw and real, intimate and private; creating emotive imagery that captures honest love and real beauty. I love to capture my subjects in their natural state, without pretence and reveal a sense of comfort and intimacy with my subjects, and a recognition that...

Paul Kounine

I fell in love with photography when I received my first digital camera for my 20th birthday. I photographed everything from family pets to blades of grass. As my casual hobby transformed into a creative outlet, people became my preferred subjects.

While attending film school, I discovered a strong predilection towards cinematography—the art and science of motion-picture photography. There’s an indescribable pleasure in lighting and framing a shot that develops the narrative and scene. It requires a keen eye for lighting and composition, on-the-spot problem solving, and both a measure of foresight and quick decision-making. I carried this philosophy into...

Agnes Kuczynska

Agnes Kuczynska is a self-taught Manchester photographers whose love for the art inspired her to go professional! Agnes provides family images and portraits, weddings, fashion, and event coverage. The way she highlights connections through poses, setting, and creative collaborations really is remarkable as she manages to weave individuality into traditional takes on the genre. Pets, apparel choices, and expressions that go against the grain are often seen, giving her photography a playfulness that’s sometimes missing in portrait photography!

Mael Lagadec

Born in 1984 in France, Maël G. Lagadec is a photographer and videographer based in Brussels. Since his young age, he studied and practiced Black & White traditional photography, while also studying science and math. At 19 he entered the Video Broadcast Media school in Bayonne, France, where he learned how to operates the deep mechanisms of analog and digital video equipment.
He shot his first documentary for a French-Sénégalese humanitarian exchange project in the Dakar suburb, and following that project, he also co-wrote a book about people with disabilities in Indian countryside. Since then, travels and discoveries of traditional...

Jacopo Landi

I approached photography after graduating in Physics at the University of Trieste, in Italy. After a year of Civic Service in the North of France, I studied at the EFET school in Paris. I then worked in a Parisian event photo agency, then left for another year of voluntary work in North Macedonia, from where I began following the news for the press agency NurPhoto. This collaboration, which earned me several publications in the Italian and international press, continued when I moved to Rome, where I also worked as a journalist for three years. I am curious and versatile, and...

Gee Lee

Gee Lee photographs places, people, and their personalities. Traveling between Los Angeles and Singapore, Gee started out as a portrait photographer, capturing headshots for creatives at ad agencies, brands, companies, and eventually for actors in the Los Angeles area. Currently, Gee also works within the entertainment industry, serving as the behind-the-scenes photographer on various projects.

Gee's photography has been featured in The Straits Times, Voyage LA Magazine, Ministry of Defense platforms.

Additionally, Gee spends a significant amount of his time serving as the director of photography on various motion pictures projects. Gee's works have been screened at Oscar and BAFTA-qualifying...

Lewis Lee

Lewis Lee, a Hong Kong based Photographer, seek to use photography to capture a moment that worthy, and recently transforming his style to using light as the main theme for his art creation. Currently, studying Fine Arts at CUHK, having been reaching photography for 6 years. He wants to use his whole life to keep exploring the relationships between light and photography.

Emma-Jane Lewis

Emma-Jane is a conceptual fashion and wedding photographer. Specialising in PR, celebrity and fashion campaigns for one portion of her work and fashion inspired wedding work for her dynamic couples. Her two areas of focus in photography blend well and allow for imagery that plays on concept, fairytale softness and dynamic locations. Emma-Jane has been lucky enough to work in Italy, Malta,  NYC, Paris and Atlanta for her work and has created imagery for large brands such as Accurist, Hawes and Curtis, Buzzfeed and Nina Naustdal. 
Emma-Jane is also a qualified tutor, with a background in adult education and creative...

Steven Li

My name is Steven Li and I’m a professional photographer at Steven Li Photography. Been
doing photography professionally for over 4 years I have extensive experience in all types of
photography ranging from personal, commercial and travel photography. I’ve also done a lot of
teaching and have done countless private lessons and workshops.

Jonathan Malits

Jon has been taking photographs for over forty years and after a career in law became a full time photographer in 2015. He has photographed weddings, parties, families, portraits, pets, all night raves, military events, commercial events, buildings and schools.
He travels extensively and travel photography has become an increasing part of his portfolio. There are wonderful landscapes with fascinating cultures and sights to be photographed all over the world and street photography plays an important part when travelling.
Jon lectures on cruise ships on the subject of photography. His teaching philosophy is that with the right guidance everyone can...

Matt Marcus

Matt Marcus is a portrait, commercial and fashion photographer. He has worked on a wide variety of projects; delivering creative advertising, corporate and editorial commissions - Working in collaboration with design agencies and direct with brands.
He continually strives to expand his creativity with portrait, editorial & fashion projects.
Clients include: Dow Jones & Co, Penguin Random House, Hay House Publishing, KFC, The Hollywood Reporter, STV News, Quiz Clothing, among many others.

Maurizio Martorana

Maurizio Martorana is a London-based Visual Journalist, Photographer and Filmmaker.
He holds an MA in Photojournalism and Documentary Photography from the London
College of Communication.
He previously studied Political Science, Sociology and Anthropology at Università degli
Studi di Firenze and Université Côte d'Azur.After finishing university, he has been
working as a freelance in Europe and countries such as Mali, South Africa and Sudan,
publishing pictures and videos in various international news outlets, NGOs and brands.
Along with his passion for Journalism and Photography, Maurizio has a particular interest in
Stage Photography, Portraiture and Film Photography. He also works with moving...

Michael McCarthy

American photographer born in New York State, Michael received a Masters in Photography from Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia. He has taught photography in universities for nearly twenty years: professor in the United States, as well as in Italy and Greece. For the past four years he has taught in Paris, notably at Parsons Paris School of Art & Design. He has exhibited his work in diverse galleries and museums in the United States, France, Italy and Greece.
Naturally curious and passionate about his discipline for close to 30 years, Michael has acquired a vast knowledge of photographic processes,...

Kevin McGarry

Kevin McGarry is a much sought after Professional Photographer based in Glasgow, Scotland and working throughout the UK, Europe each new endeavour drawing upon 30 years expertise... translating ideas into stunning marketable photography for all types of businesses... capturing the essence of the renowned professionals who are putting his ‘wow’ factor images to work in todays highly visual market place. I have taught at various universities and art colleges in the UK and Canada. I am privileged and exuberant about the range unbridled client assignments and the self-assigned exploration dominates my future creative projects...covering weddings, film sets, projections, sports events,...

Pauric McGroder

Married & living in Dublin
Two children and three grand-children
Spent 43 years working in the corporate IT sector and retired in 2013.
Started Pauric McGroder Photography in 1999
Have been networking in BNI and South Dublin Chamber B2B since 1999
Joined IPPA (Irish Professional Photographers Association) in 2011.
Attained the following Photographic distinctions:
LIPF Licentiate with Irish Photographic Federation Jun 2007
AIPF Associate with Irish Photographic Federation Apr 2011
ARPS Associate with Royal Photographic Society Jun 2013
AIPPA Associate with Irish Professional Photographers Association Nov 2013
FIPF Fellowship with Irish Professional Photographers Association Sept 2018
Currently working towards Fellowship...

Lilymae McLean

I specialise in fashion and beauty photography but also get involved in other parts within the industry such as set styling, model direction and production.
I gained a 2:1 from a university in London and have since shot for clothing designers, skin care specialists and jewellers.

Alnoor Meralli

Alnoor has a unique knowledge of light and color. In his photography, art and science join to create images in which the subject always shines.

Getting the shot in-camera is central to Alnoor’s work; the emphasis is on confidently applying light and positioning the subject to achieve the desired image. Post-production editing is reserved for enhancements that transcend the images from reality to art.

Alnoor is determined to help anyone with an interest in photography experience the magic of capturing their “perfect image”, whether a city’s night skyline or a high fashion model showcasing a designer’s avant-garde creations.

Alnoor’s interests...

Imran Mirza

Imran is a Yorkshire based photographer who has travelled across the globe working. With 15 years of experience Imran has created many images and has received world wide recognition from his work with Microsoft. His work was chosen to be used as downloadable themes and has been downloaded over 50 million times.
Being self taught Imran has a thing for learning and teaching and believes that everyone should have access to affordable learning opportunities. Imran has a dream to one day open a new age teaching academy which focuses on media.

Other images have had BBC news coverage and many...

Owen O’Connor

I have had a camera in my hand since I was seven and have always been interested in pictures. An Agfa with a cube flash and 110 film.
How times have changed, I am now on my tenth Mac and tenth digital camera. But the goal is still the same... to produce beautiful photographs of the highest technical standard and in a style, which is modern yet timeless.
My interests also included design and art learning to draw and pottery in school working on my goal of going to art college. After qualifying from Dun Laoghaire School of Art &...

Dani Oshi

Dani Oshi  is a self-taught photographer who lives in Brussels. Life observer and urban explorer. Photography is his passion and he enjoys documenting every day life in the streets. Currently working as a freelance photographer, he uses his free time for learning more about photography and shooting in the streets trying different techniques. He enjoys doing print exchanges and he gets inspired by contemporary photographers.
Dani is the founder of WorldSP.co and also one of the main editors and curators, helping selecting the best work to display on the website since 2013. Dani is also one of the founders of...

Eleni Parousi

Eleni Parousi is a music and documentary photographer working with both analogue and digital photography.In 2010 she founded the educational art collective Cardboard Cameras where she taught photography and animation to vulnerable young adults. In 2017, she joined Simulacra studio, where she is now based. Eleni’s work is expressed through portraiture and photojournalism and it explores themes of representation, identity, sexuality and gender. Through her lens she tries to capture the true colours and shapes of the world as they present themselves in the opportune moment. At the same time she explores the physicality of the 35mm film format and...

Oscar Perreire

Professional photographer, Oscar works for French and international magazines, including in the world of fashion, where he gained an aesthetic rigor. He has also made more free photographic works have been exposed in various artistic manifestations. Always attracted by the warmth of the images on film, he naturally passionate for totally old craft techniques. The photography workshop that opened in Paris allows it to offer a unique photographic experience, where the duration of a session, the model poses as in the heyday of portrait studios in the 19th century .

Carlo Prearo

He is an Italian photographer based in Belgium. After graduating in Law he decides that in life he would follow his passion for photography. After one year of study at the Revelarte school in Valencia (Spain), he continued his three-year photography studies at the Agnes Varda school in Brussels. He experienced photographic works in many different fields such as social and wedding photography, architecture, studio portrait. In recent years he has specialized in lifestyle photography. He produces images for the major stock agencies such as Getty Images and Adobe stock. His photos have been published in newspapers and magazines around...

Ellina Rabbat

I'm a multi-faceted creative from Canada with big love for digital and film photography. It was during a difficult time in my life that I stumbled upon a used camera for sale and decided to go out and take photos to escape my reality. I always had a fascination with architecture and all the details that come with the city streets and buildings. I eventually branched out of urban photography and found a passion for travel and portrait photography. The camera has become an extension of myself and my creative vessel. It brings my visions to life. I'm excited to...

Bruno Rondinelli

I have started my career working as graphic designer in the advertising industry, during all these years I have finally decided that I had be outdoors shootting what was happening out there. Photography became more than a passion and after working commercially I decided to move to London to complete my Masters in Photojournalism &Documentary Photography at London College of Communication.

Having 12 years of experience I am now shooting for many Brands such as John Lewis, Tate Britain, The Conran Shop, Hauser & Wirth and Booking.com. On a side I am constantly working on my documentary / portraiture projects...

Sara Sainz-Pardo

Born and raised in Valencia, Spain, Sara Sainz-Pardo moved to France in 2012. After many years in the acoustics engineering, she reinvented herself as a photographer with the aim to tell stories using images and focused on self-identity, cultural diversity and social issues.
Always passionate by photography and visual arts she started making street photography and little reportages during her trips in Latin America. She studied Photojournalism and Documentary Photography in Spéos Photographic Institute in Paris.
Today she is working as a freelance photographer, working in reportages in Spain, France and Moldova and covering events and making portraits in Paris.

Ricardo Santos

Born in Brazil and now based in Helsinki, Finland, photographer Ricardo Santos has been developing hybrid photography for the past few years; shooting with film, developing and scanning the negatives for digital editing.
The first contact with photography came at a very early age, in 1984, when his dad taught him how to look through the view glass of a Rolleiflex. It wasn’t until Ricardo’s first son was born, that he made the decision of getting a new DSLR camera to record the family memories. After that photography became a serious hobby and it didn’t take long until he decided...

Fabien Scotti

Fabien was born and raised in Geneva, Switzerland. While pursuing Graduate studies, he had the occasion to make many trips to Asia. In a decade, different encounters with Japan, China and Turkey allowed him to gain a critical perspective through photography. For over a decade now he has approached many photographic areas while keeping a main interest in sports photography.

Francesco Serafini

Born in Brussels in 1967 of Italian nationality. Passionate about cinema, he made his first short film at the age of 17, for the needs of this film he discovered photography, with the pictures of the main actress who will become a famous top model, he tried to make his nest in fashion photography without any success and he quickly realized that he was not made for that.

On December 25, 1989 the revelation; by chance he covers for Amnesty International Brussels a demonstration in front of the Romanian embassy during the Coup d'Etat. A new feeling born in him...

Ray SH

Ray SH is a product director and art director based in Tokyo, Japan. He has a Master's degree in Media Policy and enjoys creating communication through photography on the internet.
His work as a freelance photographer focuses on street photography and travel photography, as well as portraits of other artists and creators primarily.
He uses the theme of light to capture the places where he spends his time on a daily basis and the places he visits on his travels.
Recently, he has been trying to combine street photography with portraiture. He tries to create a new narrative by having...

Tyler Sirman

Tyler Sirman is a Canadian photographer and videographer, who has found his niche in working with personalities to create content on YouTube.
His work has been seen millions of times either in presentations, online, in print, news or used privately by companies. His style is no-frills, tack sharp shooting, either in poorly lit venues with musicians or in corporate settings covering events.
After quitting his 9-5 to pursue his passion full-time, Tyler demonstrated that hard work and patience, coupled with consistent quality and an open mind leads to success in the photo business.

Emily Smith

Emily Smith is an American Photographer who now resides in Brussels, Belgium. She began taking photographs at the age of 15 when she took her first black and white darkroom class. Since this marking experience, she knew that her camera would be her sidekick for life. She furthered her studies at The Southeast Center of Photographic Studies where she learned the technical side of her craft.  Upon graduation from photo school, Emily moved to New York City where she worked as an assistant, digital tech, and has done retouching for many different photographers. When she decided that sedentary life in...

Anna Soriano-Harrington

Anna is a Vancouver BC Canada based photographer and runs 2 portrait studios. A portrait artist whose passion is bringing out the soul of her subject thru connection. She handmakes her backdrops and her wardrobe and is a deeply intuitive photographer who shoots instinctively and writes the story of her subjects through emotions.
Photography is the therapy of choice for me. No activity has given me more calm, a feeling of centeredness, and a sense of accomplishment than seeing the end result of an image taken. The honesty of the subject is what I seek to reveal and in the...

Anthony Sotomayor

Canadian based photographer Anthony Sotomayor is focused on creating art that will resonate with future generations. His fascination for cities from culture to architecture has played an important role in defining his artistic style. Most of his work consist of cityscapes, street life, and portraits. After completing a Master’s Degree in Urban Planning at Ryerson University, he was fortunate enough to pursue his passion and work as an urban planner for a leading developer. Presently, he is concentrating his efforts to traveling as much as possible while he still can. 

Jeff Stephens

Jeff Stephens is a passionate street photographer interested in capturing those fleeting moments that would normally pass without being noticed, a moment that is there and gone in the blink of an eye. Whether it is interesting characters or dramatic light Jeff is always on the lookout for these moments, watching for those scenes to unfold to create an image full of introspection, mystery or drama. This exhibition is a collection of those moments where everything came together, for 12 Instants.

Jeff has been an active street photographer for the past 7 years, creating most of his work on the...

Chris Taylor

After growing up in sunny Florida, USA, Chris decided to leave behind the gators and snakes for the city slickers of New York. In 2006, Chris made the transition from Florida to New York to attend art school.
He currently works as a production manager for a fashion photography studio in New York City. When Chris is not producing other photographers’ projects one can find him in the studio creating his own photo projects from fashion to portraiture.
Although Chris enjoys candidness, he prefers creating tableaux imagery executing scenes that he has performed in his head. Chris is fervent with...

Michael Thomas

I define the moment I became a photographer as when I took the worst photo of my life.
I came to photography as most my age, using a film camera.  It wasn’t until the advent of affordable digital cameras in the early 1990’s that I really come to find my voice in photography.  The blending of technology and art was key to me being able to create and shape images.
People always ask what you shoot, the easy answer is everything, the hard answer is what do you do with the images you capture. To me that is the true...

Eva Thompson

Eva Thompson, a professional lifestyle photographer based in The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea.
Eva began gravitating towards photography through the success of her blog, Eva & Amelia's World, which was listed as one of the Top 10 UK Blogs for 2017 & 2018 by Vuelio. A personal flair and style quickly became synonymous with her work - which inspired Eva to leave her masters in Economics and go on to pursue a career in photography. 
Eva’s welcoming personality has allowed her portfolio of clients to grow organically. In a matter of months her work could be seen used...

Dan Thurgood

I’ve been obsessed with photography ever since receiving a 110 film camera for my 13th birthday (a long time ago!) I’ve owned 9 cameras since then and made the jump to digital on the birth of my first child, seventeen years ago. My primary business is wedding photography, which really floats my boat - taking beautiful photos of beautiful people in beautiful locations has become a dream come true for me. But I also love teaching (I have a PGCE in Adult Education) and delight in helping students learn how to fulfil their own photographic dreams.

Federico Uribe

Artist photographer, graduated from the Universidad de los Andes as a plastic arts professional with an emphasis on architecture, 2006, immigrant-citizen of Montreal, Canada. Passionate about seeing and discovering the world, travel is the field of greatest learning and growth, 5 continents, more than 30 countries, Resident for more than a year in three countries apart from my native Colombia, three languages spoken fluently. Creation has always accompanied me both in my work life and in my way of seeing the world. Focused on continuing to photograph and create to live, fully and creatively.

Aaron Von Hagen

Born and raised in the Northwest Territories, Aaron has been calling Vancouver home for over a decade. Aaron moved to Vancouver to attend Vancouver Film School, and soon found a passion for photography. On top of pursuing a career in photography, Aaron also works in the camera department in Vancouver's bustling film industry. 
An avid traveler, lover of coffee, and all things sweet, Aaron is a very passionate photographer. Throughout his photographic pursuit, Aaron has learned how important it is to receive help, instruction, and feedback from people who are as passionate about photography as he is.

Tony Wood

I have worked in many areas of photography including location shooting for editorial, corporate and non-profits, documentary and fine art. My interests include traditional street photography, portraits of all kinds and photo illustration.
My work has appeared in shows at Philadelphia Photo Arts Center, Highwire and Level 3 galleries and well as published in Photo Review, Sports Illustrated, Forbes, Philadelphia, Oprah and Smithsonian Magazines.

I’m fascinated by people in all their shapes and sizes, ages and origins, attitudes and styles. How one holds one’s self, how posture and gesture convey one’s inner state, how you dress, the environment the subject...

Alice Zilberberg

Alice Zilberberg is an internationally acclaimed, award-winning artist, recognized by curators, collectors, and art patrons across the globe. Born in Tallinn, Estonia, and raised in Israel, she currently resides in Toronto, Canada. A graduate of Ryerson University’s Photography program, she began her artistic practice by painting: a verve which remains very much present in her digital works. The winner of numerous prestigious competitions, her accolades include 1st place in The World Monochrome awards, ranking as one of Magenta Foundation’s best photographers in Canada, and several of the International Photography awards.
In 2013, she was the youngest artist to date to...
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