About us

THE PHOTO ACADEMY, in the beginning…

The adventure began back in 2008. Two photography enthusiasts met on a forum and wanted to share this awesome creative practice, so they decided to promote photography classes. The project turned into two websites- Lesphotographes.com and Lesphotographes.org- a magazine with advice and classes with respected and committed photography teachers.

Lesphotographes.org grew and became THE PHOTO ACADEMY with a team of over 300 teaching photographers, a presence in 60 cities and 20 countries. Today, based out of Paris and Brussels, the two founders – Raphaël and Maxime­ continue to promote photography and develop THE PHOTO ACADEMY.

Our teaching approach:

Thanks to an array of practical and technical courses, we hope to pass along essential “know-how” so you can enjoy learning more about digital or film photography. We also offer an ample range of thematic courses (in the form of classes or workshops) involving some of the oldest types of photography, including historical and alternative techniques.

In our era of image based communications and with the multifaceted world of photography constantly evolving, we try to represent as many of the trends as possible and want our photographers to reflect that richness and diversity. That's why our team is composed of women and men with different expertise and approaches that reflects the world of photography today.

Our team at your service:

THE PHOTO ACADEMY in Brussels, Av Louise 231, 1050 Bruxelles THE PHOTO ACADEMY / LES PHOTOGRAPHES ORGANISATION in Paris, 19 quai de la Seine 75019

Teaching and customer support: Telephone: +33 (0)1 82 88 77 77 [email protected]

Press relations and communications: [email protected]