What do we have to offer?

  • Professional photography mentors with many years of experience
  • Real-time communication with a teacher
  • Theoretical materials that you can keep to refresh your knowledge
  • An interactive learning experience and instant feedback from your photography teacher
  • A large variety of courses for all skill levels and interests!

Meeting point

65 E Liberty Street || ON M6K 3R2

 (438) 228-0082
Monday from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm, Tuesday - Friday from 8:00 am to 11:30 am / [email protected]


How would you describe Toronto: Buzzing, big, diverse? We can all agree that Toronto is an exciting place to live! It's a cultural melting pot with thousands of things going on. Whether you are a native Torontonian or new to the city, make the most that Canada's largest city has to offer, including our specialized photography classes and online classes.

Our professional photographers will pass on years of knowledge and show you how to see the city in a new and exciting light. In no time at all, you will be taking gorgeous photos of Toronto.

What to Photograph in your city?

Museums, street art, markets, a breathtaking skyline: what more could you want?! Toronto has a lot of photographic potential. Take a moment to think about what you want to improve before signing up to our classes. Naturally, novices should look for our classes marked 'Beginner level' in order to cover the basics. Once you've mastered that, then there are heaps of classes waiting for you! Or if you haven't touched your camera in a few years, our 'Review the Essentials' class will give a much-needed refresher.

One of the things we love most about Toronto is the eclectic architecture. You can be really creative when photographing iconic buildings like the Royal Ontario Museum or CN Tower. Our 'Architecture Photography' class will teach you how to use various techniques to enhance your photos, as well as the history of architecture photography. By the end, you will see Toronto's skyline in a completely different way!

For the night owls, check out the 'Low Light Photography' course. Explore Toronto after dark and photograph the city's buzzing nightlife. If you're frustrated at the poor quality of your photos in low light conditions, this is the ideal course for you. Take your night photography to the next level and impress your friends and family with poetic, atmospheric images.

Prefer to photograph people? The portrait class is a perfect option. Or, if you are unable to make it in person, have a look at our live online classes. We even have an online class for the best selfie! There are dozens of live online options available, including smartphone photography classes if you don't have an SLR, DSLR or film camera. Just like Toronto, there is something for everyone.

Sign Up For Our Photography Classes and Online Classes!

Do you have a camera but don’t know how to use it properly? Eager to get out and shoot your city? Join one of our photography classes! You don't need to have professional experience or a creative degree. Have a look at our classes for beginners, including the online classes. You will learn new skills and techniques, from shutter speed to depth of field. We also have classes in Vancouver and Montreal. Our photographers will lead you across all technical terms, show you how to manage your camera settings and help you out with specific issues. By the end you will get the best use out of your camera :)