What do we have to offer?

  • Professional photography mentors with many years of experience
  • Real-time communication with a teacher
  • Theoretical materials that you can keep to refresh your knowledge
  • An interactive learning experience and instant feedback from your photography teacher
  • A large variety of courses for all skill levels and interests!

Meeting point

Union Street || BS1 2DD

Monday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Tuesday - Friday from 8:00 am to 04:30 pm / [email protected]


Not many cities can claim to have it all, but Bristol certainly can! Here, the urban, rural, gritty and affluent come together to make this unique city their own. Each corner of Bristol is packed with creativity and it's quickly becoming the UK's most exciting city.

What better way to explore all the famous sights and secret hideouts than through a camera lens! The Photo Academy offers photography courses and online courses so you can truly capture your Bristol experience.

What to Photograph in your city?

Bristol might just be the best place to master your photography. You are spoiled for choice with the city's eclectic locations. Head up to the Clifton Suspension Bridge to practice framing gorgeous scenic shots. Afterwards, stroll down to Stoke's Croft to capture the vibrant graffitied streets and the heart of Bristol's artistic scene.

Bristol's world-famous festivals make every keen photographer's fingers twitch. The iconic International Balloon Fiesta is a great way to develop your skills in photographing moving objects, which can be tricky. Or, for something a little wilder, embrace the vibrancy of St Paul's Carnival. Just make sure you don't drop your camera when you're going for a boogie!

Prefer to photograph people? Our online courses will help teach you skills to snap the perfect party pic or take memorable portraits of your friends and family. We even have an online course for the best selfie! Just like Bristol, there is something for everyone.

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Do you have a camera but don’t know how to use it properly? Eager to get out and shoot your city? Join one of our photography classes! You don't need to have a creative degree or professional experience. Have a look at our classes for beginners, including the online classes. You will learn new skills and techniques, from shutter speed to depth of field. We also have courses in Manchester and Liverpool. Our photographers will lead you across all technical terms, show you how to manage your camera settings and help you out with specific issues. By the end you will get the best use out of your camera :)