Teresa Kaufman

Well know in the english-speaking world for her feline photography in natural settings and in France for her B&W humanistic photography, Teresa studied journalism in America but believed that the skills of a photo-journalist are learned on the turf.  She has to her credit a B&W photo book - Therese et ses deux frères -  which has sold already 2000 copies on rural life in the French Alps.
She learned photography using the family heirloom cameras - and still does ! - but has welcomed digital photography into her present professional life in order to better communicate with her students.  
Teresa has produced a number of SOLO PHOTO EXHIBITS in France as well as producing platform exhibits for her students to show off their work as well.
She is particularly motivated in developing her transmission of photography for a socially sensitive public which, she believes, can benefit from the empowerment that  photography can bring to the person behind the camera.  Teresa is represented by the agency  BIOSPHOTO.