Marina Cavazza

After studying Philosophy in Italy, Marina worked in the world of images in various countries: editing in Rome and Barcelona, working at press agencies and as a photography assistant in Paris.
Following this learning period as a self-taught photographer "in the field," she began working on her own artistic fingerprint, returning to her old family home.
Her first job as an independent photographer was a one-year documentary project in Marcinelle (Belgium), 50 years after the mine accident. This work was published by the Editor Pellti Associait : Dans l’intimité de la mémoire, Marcinelle 1956-2006. 
She was selected to participate in the 2002-2003 Reflexions Masterclass (an internationally acclaimed training program for contemporary photography) with Giorgia Florio and Gabriel Bauret, who was celebrated in 2012 at the 10th anniversary of the Rencontres d'Arles with the group exhibit Atelier Masterclass.
Marina is a Laureate in the 2013 Swiss Photo Award in the Fine Art category for the project Di Me.
She has been living and working in Geneva since 2005.