Mael Lagadec

Born in 1984 in France, Maël G. Lagadec is a photographer and videographer based in Brussels. Since his young age, he studied and practiced Black & White traditional photography, while also studying science and math. At 19 he entered the Video Broadcast Media school in Bayonne, France, where he learned how to operates the deep mechanisms of analog and digital video equipment.
He shot his first documentary for a French-Sénégalese humanitarian exchange project in the Dakar suburb, and following that project, he also co-wrote a book about people with disabilities in Indian countryside. Since then, travels and discoveries of traditional cultures have become sources of inspiration for his work.
Following his passions for image and sound, Maël extended his talent to VJing, mixing video in realtime for live concerts and shows, creating a new way to experience performances. Working well both independently and in teams, his work as film director, photographer and VJee has crossed the borders of Europe, Asia and America.Using both his technical and artistic abilities, he tends to sublime the real life by bringing an outside point of view, aiming to tell stories with beauty and motion.
Coupling personal artistic researches and commissioned works, Maël is now based in Brussels where he is currently exhibitioning his photographic works, working as a film director for TV both live shows and cultural shows, and on video clips.