Hayden Fernandes

Hayden Fernandes is a photographer based in Bath and London. Currently studying a
Computer Science degree, you can find him analysing images down to the binary code.
Hayden is an Events Officer for PhotoSoc '22-23 at the University of Bath, planning events and
delivering workshops to many students within the society. Doubling as the Chair of MusicSoc
'22-23, Hayden takes the opportunity to photograph the many live performances he helps to
organise around the town.
When he's not photographing live music events or emotion-filled ceremonies, Hayden enjoys
going on photowalks to find lovely scenes of the natural world he explores, capturing vast
landscapes or tiny urban details. "There is something magical about capturing moments into an
image. It can bring something out of so many people, and I love that I get to provide that."
Hayden believes that anything is enough to get started in photography and that it is a journey
that requires no expensive equipment. He wishes to share his passion for art with others
and help them develop skills and knowledge that will make them feel confident in starting the
journey they seek.