Giorgia Tobiolo

Giorgia is an Italian photographer and educator, based in London.

Using photography as a therapeutic process and a personal research, her work can be interpreted as a circular practise. Raising internal questions stimulate Giorgia to examine the external environment.

In this two-way, relationship, strongly and intimately empathetic, she is keen to reveal the humanity, beauty, and vulnerability of labeled or stereotyped subjects, often objects of prejudice. Ultimately, with her practice she aims to break down the indifference towards certain topics and give a voice to people that need recognition, support or inclusion.

Besides her MA in Photojournalism and Documentary Photography at the University of Westminster; she has completed an Internship with Magnum Photos.

Giorgia has been visiting and collaborating with schools, colleges, academies, universities, festivals, various institutions and associations.

Giorgia has been featured by CNN.photos and published in Source Photographic review.

She was shortlisted in the Professional Category of the 2014 Sony World Photography Awards and in the competition "30 Under 30" of Magnum Photos.

Giorgia has also been selected for the Nikon-NOOR Academy Workshop which took place in Manchester.