Alnoor Meralli

Alnoor has a unique knowledge of light and color. In his photography, art and science join to create images in which the subject always shines.

Getting the shot in-camera is central to Alnoor’s work; the emphasis is on confidently applying light and positioning the subject to achieve the desired image. Post-production editing is reserved for enhancements that transcend the images from reality to art.

Alnoor is determined to help anyone with an interest in photography experience the magic of capturing their “perfect image”, whether a city’s night skyline or a high fashion model showcasing a designer’s avant-garde creations.

Alnoor’s interests are fashion, beauty, portrait and event photography; his images have been featured in a variety of magazines. He is also dedicated to applying photography to support not-for-profit endeavors, including efforts to eliminate human trafficking.

Alnoor’s expertise is grounded in a deep understanding of the underlying technology behind color, light and digital imaging. His Master’s thesis was on Image Compression in the Color Domain. Alnoor was one of the telecommunications experts who developed the Joint Picture Experts Group (JPEG) algorithm. Fortunately for most of his students, Alnoor’s teaching focuses on how to best apply that knowledge to get exceptional images – with the technical explanations reserved for the intrepid!