Kevin Jones

As a teenager I always wanted an Olympus OM10 film SLR but I was intimidated by f stops and shutter speeds. I had no idea how I was meant to know what were the right settings? I never got that Olympus camera and it wasn't until many years later that I bought my first proper camera, a Nikon F65. Armed with multiple rolls of Fuji Velvia slide film I wandered the mountainous areas of the UK taking a lot of bad landscape photos and the occasional good one!
Since those film days I've invested in a number of Nikon DSLR's and my landscape photography has improved in leaps and bounds. There are now far more keepers from a day out in the hills than there ever was with film.
I also have a studio in Tamworth and spend more time photographing people than landscapes.
Professionally I shoot portraits and weddings although when I do wander out into the hills my landscape photos usually end up in stock libraries. I may have started out shooting landscapes but I do enjoy portraiture and that probably makes up the majority of my photography these days.