Ligeia Moltisanti

Los Angeles
Ligeia is a multi-disciplinary artist currently based in Los Angeles.

Her first jobs in high school were on set, assisting on photoshoots during school breaks, and most recently she spent 5 years consistently assisting a couple of her favorite photographers in addition to working for her own clients.
She's been using photography as her primary visual medium since 2009, and professionally since 2011. She takes inspiration from her time spent immersed in the the arts communities of Sicily, South Miami Beach, Manhattan and Brooklyn.

During her 4 years as the lead photographer at the United Nations International School in New York, she strengthened and solidified her shooting practice: documenting all sorts of events year-round in varied capacities and lighting setups, learning to adapt quickly to the needs of each circumstance, and keeping detailed archives of every event. She covered all headshots and promotional portraits for the school shows. After school, she would mentor students and help them explore their photographic interests, occasionally hosting workshops on light painting and studio photography for grades 4-12.

Her true passion is working with other artists and finding new tools to express creative new ways of looking at and producing photography.

In her own time, Ligeia is always experimenting with new mediums, using known editing techniques in unconventional ways to come up with images that haven't been seen before.

She’s excited to help you refine your perception and develop your eye in this art form.