How to learn photography with my iPhone

Nowadays many photographers (both amateurs and professionals) question the added value of a dedicated camera (DSLR, Hybrid, Bridge) compared to the iPhone. Of course, for those who know how to use it, a dedicated camera will always offer a better image quality. With a DSLR, the size of the essential components, such as the lens and the sensor, allow a better capture of light and details.

However, the iPhone has exceptional capabilities considering its size: high quality hardware components and highly efficient software processing that allows the Apple phone to compete with SLRs and hybrids. In addition, it should be noted that compared to the world of dedicated cameras (Nikon, Canon, Fuji, etc.), the smartphone photography sector is developing much faster, and is constantly improving its photographic devices. This is thanks to the significant funds that major brands (Apple, Samsung, etc.) invest in technological research.

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