Yvan Louis Unico

I am a Calgary based photographer with about 3 years of experience.
Started photography back in 2021 when I picked up film photography as a hobby. I am mostly self-taught but I was fortunate enough to surround myself with other passionate photographers to help me hone my skills. Fast forward to now, I shoot and develop my own film and I also work with digital cameras with the goal of emulating film photos.
I mainly do street photography since I like documenting our everyday normal lives, putting new perspectives into things, and telling a story with my photos. I also like to do travel and landscape photography whenever I get the chance, and I am always down for challenges that put me out of my comfort zone.
While I still have a lot of things to learn about photography myself, I am confident that I can help other people understand the basics and show them how they can use the camera as a tool to tell their own stories.