Olesia Banie

Nice to meet you, I am Olesia. I grew up in Russia, learned to think out of the box in Canada and currently explore life in Luxembourg. I do photography to help people to carry best memories through years or even the whole life, whether it is a wedding day, love story, family moments or just a nice feeling, that deserves to be remembered. 
Majorly I shoot on film. Kodak, Fujifilm... Do you remember? Well, like years ago. Of course, I take digital photos too, but always prefer film, because I believe film photography tells a true story, though a very beautiful one. 
Beyond technical and aesthetic aspects I am convinced that emotional comfort and trust between me and people photographed is the key for good pictures because at the end of the day camera is just a tool. My approach is always based on 3 key values: empathy, insight, and accuracy. 
I take pictures in the so-called “Fine Art” style, but if you already had a chance to have a look at my portfolio you could notice that I love to capture people’s charm and character in richer colors and shades.