Neil Bankhurst

Edinburgh, Leeds
My name is Neil and I am a professional portrait photographer who travels across all of the UK capturing people at their wedding, favourite location or in the comfort of their own home.

​Back in the day before digital when I started my photography journey, I had an Olympus OM-1, an amazing camera which helped me fall in love with Photography.

​Today I use Sony cameras, Rotolight and Godox lights plus a huge range of other equipment to capture those special moments and I trained initially with David Miller Photography who elevated me to a professional level and helped me realise my passion is for photographing people both in a studio and in the great outdoors.

​Since then I have attended many courses with a lot of different trainers from around the world including the amazing Jason Lanier; who taught me the art of photography. You will often find me posting photos from the courses I still attend - keeping me up to date with the latest kit as well as always learning new techniques.