Trimester 2

Photography course - Trimester 2: Developing your photographic style

Photography course - Trimester 2 : Developing your photographic style


Trimester 2 consists of 12 evening classes taking place online, each 2 hours long.

During your first class, your teacher will reveal the topic or theme of your personal project. The project will be carried out throughout the duration of the course, and will be the subject of regular support/guidance from your teacher.

Each session will start with a review of your images. The teacher will comment and advise you on the quality of your images and keep you on track with your project. At the end of the trimester, your project will be finished as a collective book (gathering the works of all the students).

Alongside developing your project, some classes will also be dedicated to a genre or a photographic tool. We will also introduce you to the fascinating history of photography and some of the great figures who shaped it.

Key Details

This course is for you if: you have mastered your camera settings and have a basic understanding of image composition, but are eager to develop a more "artistic" practice of photography.

Materials required: your camera and lens(s) of choice. A laptop or portable computer.

The total number of course hours is 24 which is aplit over a period of 9 weeks (excluding school holidays). This is primiarily an evening training course.

We always keep our classes small to maximise the learning benefits for our students, each class will have 3 to 7 participants.

This course takes place in ...... The classes take place on the same day every week except school holidays and public holidays. Here are the class dates:


It is very important you attend every class. If you miss a class, it will not be possible to catch up. However, depending on the subject of what you missed and corresponding dates, we may place you in one of our workshops to help you catch up.

It is possible to pay for this course in two installments free of charge, do not hesitate to contact us to find out more.

Notes : At the beginning of each trimester, the first course is dedicated to a presentation of the participants in order to evaluate and share the levels and expectations of each student, the small number of students allowing to adjust the curriculum and the courses according to this information. Likewise, the photographer in charge of the course presents his work as an author. He is a professional photographer experienced in the field of photographic techniques (shooting, editing,...) with a professional photographic practice of commission (press, corporate,...) and author (personal projects in the long course, exhibitions,...).

Our curriculum is based on a combination of theory and practice, which is taught through each exercise to the main project. The course will teach you the process of photography from how to think and act like a photographer to the preparation, visualisation and the final image. The course will also cover image analysis and the history of photography to further your learning development.

In short...

Do you feel like you’re in control of your camera? Have you mastered the settings and are you confidently composing images? Do you feel like you are ready to take your photography to the next level? Are you eager to develop your art and style? If this sounds like you, then you are ready for Trimester 2.

Practical info

Level : Intermediate
7 Maximum number of participants
Duration 2h00
Workshop in English

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Photography course - Trimester 2: Developing your photographic style

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