Trimester 1 - evening course - online

Photography course - Trimester 1: Mastering your camera, training your eyes

Photography course - Trimester 1 : Mastering your camera, training your eyes


Beginner: master your camera Evening courses

Trimester 1 is made up of 12 evening classes taking place online, each 2 hours long. During these classes you will learn how to master the technical side of your camera as well as developing your artistic and compositional skills.

The dates for the next trimester class are: 13/10, 20/10, 27/10, 03/11, 10/11, 17/11, 24/11, 01/12, 08/12, 15/12, 22/12, 29/12.

Each class will begin with a review of your images. At the end of each class, you will be given a small photographic assignment, which will be constructively critiqued by the teacher at the beginning of the next class.

During the course, you will also learn about the fascinating history of photography and get to know some prominent figures who helped shaped its history.

Finally, beyond the technical training and practicing the different forms of composition, you will become familiar with retouching software.

In short, this is a well-rounded program that comprehensively introduces you to the world of photography.

Key Details

This course is for you if... : You are new to photography, but you want to master your camera and sharpen your vision.

Necessary equipment : Your favourite camera and lens(es) and a computer with Internet connection.

Duration and frequency : 24 hours over a 12-week period (excluding school holidays) .

Number of participants : from 3 to 7 participants. (Term maintained from 3 registrations).

Absences : If you are absent from one of the sessions, it will not be possible to make up for it. Depending on the subject of what you have missed, a date for a group class corresponding to our workshops may be proposed to you.

Payment : It is possible to pay for this training in two instalments without any charge, do not hesitate to contact us by chat in order to benefit from this.

Notes : At the beginning of each trimester, the first class is dedicated to a presentation of the participants, in order to evaluate and share the levels and expectations of each one; the small number of students allows the adjustment of the curriculum and the courses according to this information.

In the same way, the photographer in charge of the course presents their work as an author. They are a professional photographer, experienced in the field of photographic techniques (shooting, editing, ...), with a professional photographic practice of commission (press, corporate, ...), and of author (personal projects for long courses, exhibitions, ...).

Based on practice and exchange - from the exercise to the construction of the project -, our pedagogy combines the acquisition of technical know-how and the realisation of various photographic projects (reflection, preparation, realisation, enhancement). Image analysis and the discovery of the history of photography are also part of our contribution to a curious, open and dynamic learning process.

At the end of the term, our organisation will issue each participant with a training certificate relating to the course followed.

In short...

Do you enjoy photography but feel you would be a better photographer if you could master the settings on your camera? Do you want to acquire new techniques and learn the art of composition? If you answered yes, then Trimester 1 is the course for you.
The course consists of 12 classes that will teach you, step-by-step, how your camera works, how to use the settings to your advantage, how to look at a space and construct a beautiful photograph.

Practical info

Level : Beginner
7 Maximum number of participants
Duration 2h00
Workshop in English

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Photography course - Trimester 1: Mastering your camera, training your eyes

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