Teen course - Creative photography

Photography course - Teen course : Creative photography

Photography course - Teen course : Creative photography


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It can be so frustrating to miss a beautiful picture; a well-placed sunbeam, a perfect moment with friends, a colourful assortment of sushi, a magical encounter while travelling... To overcome this frustration, your instructor will share their best tips to make your images live up to your expectations and stand out from the crowd!

But beware; although this is an online course (live with ZOOM), you will be put to work on photographic exercises and experiments! The workshop will be very interactive and it won't just be about taking notes.

The topics covered in the workshop will be:

  • Landscape
  • Food photography
  • The self-portrait (a.k.a. "selfies")
  • Black & White
  • Animals
  • Light

For each theme, your teacher will get straight to the point and suggest, through examples and/or exercise, great tips to create beautiful images!

Key Details

  • This course is open to people between 12-14 years old. The presence of an adult is not required.
  • It is possible to participate in this course with any digital camera (smartphone, bridge, reflex, etc.). However, it is not possible to participate with a film camera.
  • The session lasts 2.5 hours and will take place entirely by videoconference, via the ZOOM platform.
  • An appointment email will be sent to participants a few days before the date of each workshop. This message includes the url address of the virtual classroom (ZOOM), and the teacher's contact information. For more information, see our General Terms and Conditions of Sale.

Note: It is important to have your phone or camera fully charged to participate in the course.

In short...

To be eye-catching, a picture must be beautiful (you don’t say!?). But, a beautiful subject is rarely enough to make a beautiful image. That’s right, a photo of an incredible sunset would be nothing without the eye and the artistic touch of the photographer. This workshop will teach you how to look differently and how to enhance what you capture.

Practical info

Level : Beginner
7 Maximum number of participants
Duration 2h30
Workshop in English

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Photography course - Teen course : Creative photography

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