Review the essentials of the photo technique

Photography course - Review the essentials of the photo technique

Photography course - Review the essentials of the photo technique


The session, lasting 3h30, is for anyone who wants to review technical notions previously learned, but partially forgotten or misunderstood. The objective of the course will be to give you a deeper understanding of your camera, and a more fluid technical practice; something necessary before you can fully engage in creative photography.

During 3h30, a professional photographer, and moreover a teacher, will try to fill your gaps through these steps: Firstly, your technical shortcomings will be detected in order to configure the course according to your needs. Secondly, the fundamental technical notions, and the ones you are having problems with, will be (re)explained theoretically. Then, the trainer will propose a series of exercises; each one allowing the practical application of a crucial technical point and/or source of lack of understanding. These practical exercises will of course be designed to be carried out in the space of the house/apartment. Finally, the trainer will give final advice on how to continue practicing.

Key Details

  • Technical prerequisites for this course: having attended our beginners' courses (1,2,3 & 4) or having been introduced to photographic technique by other means.
  • During this course, which is held by videoconference, small practical exercises are of course planned. In this respect, please make sure that you have your device loaded and equipped with an empty image memory card. Your trainer will establish the practice according to the environment of the house / apartment.
  • This course lasts 3h30 and includes a theoretical explanation and exercises (within the limits of space of the house/apartment). A meeting notice will be sent a few days before the date of each course, with the URL address to access the virtual classroom (no account to create, no data recording). It is perfectly possible to attend two courses in the same day or four courses in the same weekend as these courses have been designed for this pace.

In short...

Do you find this depth-of-field thing a little blurry? ISOs are a sensitive issue? Are you a little slow on the subject of speed? Anyway, you've got that damn photo technique in your focus! If by reading these (very) (bad) word games you recognize yourself, our course "Reviewing the essentials" might just be for you!

Practical info

Level : Intermediate
7 Maximum number of participants
Duration 3h30
Workshop in English

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Photography course - Review the essentials of the photo technique

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