Photography course - 📱Course #9 - The photo review

Photography course - 📱Course #9 - The photo review


It's time to talk about your pictures! During this video conference session, the trained eye of a professional photographer will look at your images as well as those of your "classmates"; he or she will discover their strengths, and any improvements that can be applied (both technical and aesthetic).

This analysis will allow you to analyse your photography from another perspective, to draw from it precious advices, and some inspirations (author references, books) that will allow you to make progress in your practice.

But don't worry! Your images will be shown in an anonymous way, unless you wish to appear as an author; it is up to you 🙂. So, practically how will it be? At least three days before the session, you will just need to send a maximum of 30 images to the photographer in charge of the course (the email address will be given to you after the purchase). During the session (which lasts 2h30), your images will be shown according to the photographer's choices, and without mentioning your name, you will also discover the images of the other participants, as well as the comments made about them.

Key Details

An appointment form will be sent to registrants a few days before the date of each course, including the URL address to access the virtual classroom (no account to be created, no data registration required), as well as the email address to which to send your images (details on the resolution and format of the images will be mentioned). It is quite possible to attend two courses in the same day or four courses in the same weekend as these courses have been designed for this pace.

In short...

"What about the pictures I take?" We'll look that up in this course, and review your work.

Practical info

Level : Intermediate
7 Maximum number of participants
Duration 2h30
Workshop in English

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Photography course - 📱Course #9 - The photo review

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