Smartphone photo course - Composing and framing

Photography course - Course #2 - Framing and Composing

Photography course - Course #2 : Framing and Composing



Your smartphone, regardless of its model, range or age, has enormous potential for photography! Nowadays it is not uncommon to confuse a shot taken with a phone for an image captured by a professional reflex camera.

These beautiful images, created with equipment as minimal as a smartphone, are at your fingertips thanks to our complete suite of smartphone photography courses, designed to bring you quick results, and created specifically for video-conferencing sessions.

In this second workshop, we'll discuss well-chosen framing techniques, sharp lines, harmony, colours, backgrounds... In short, the time has come to talk about "composition"!

-Together, we will explore the high principles and tricks of composition. You will receive simple yet highly practical advice on how to make your images outstanding!

-Based on the principle that "finding your style" requires "finding inspiration" above all, you will discover the work of several photographers (past and contemporary) with unique composition methods.

-We will also approach the work of retouching, often complementary to shooting, to obtain the ideal frame.

-The workshop will be punctuated by small practical exercises, to "concretise" the teachings and notions discussed.

You will leave this session with a sharper eye, full of inspiration, and the necessary skills to enhance your photographic compositions.

Key Details

  • This course is dedicated to smartphotography (photography on a smartphone).
  • The session lasts 2.5 hours and will take place entirely by videoconference, via the ZOOM platform.
  • An appointment form will be sent to registrants a few days before the date of each workshop, with the address of the virtual classroom (ZOOM), and the contact details of the teacher. For more information, see our General Terms and Conditions of Sale.

In short...

In this workshop, we will talk about framing, lines, harmony, colours, backgrounds... In short, the time has come to talk about "composition"!

Practical info

Level : Beginner
7 Maximum number of participants
Duration 2h30
Workshop in English

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Photography course - Course #2 - Framing and Composing

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