Tony Wood

I have worked in many areas of photography including location shooting for editorial, corporate and non-profits, documentary and fine art. My interests include traditional street photography, portraits of all kinds and photo illustration.
My work has appeared in shows at Philadelphia Photo Arts Center, Highwire and Level 3 galleries and well as published in Photo Review, Sports Illustrated, Forbes, Philadelphia, Oprah and Smithsonian Magazines.

I’m fascinated by people in all their shapes and sizes, ages and origins, attitudes and styles. How one holds one’s self, how posture and gesture convey one’s inner state, how you dress, the environment the subject is in, all are pieces of a story that create an impression, that invoke a mood, that leave us with a feeling about someone. Humanity is so vast and varied, I want to understand it all. Photography is a way for me to explore our world and say something about the people in it.

Light is often a center piece for me. I am endlessly intrigued by how light reveals surfaces, defines the shapes and colors the world. Light and shadow, hide and reveal, hard and soft, light is a playground of possibilities. I love to find light, create light and enhance the light I’ve caught with software.