Sander de Wilde

Sander de Wilde is a Dutch Photographer who now resides in Brussels, Belgium. His mother had a darkroom and his father was specialized in collecting and photographing caterpillars and butterflies.
From the age of 16 Sander was a sailing teacher during the holidays, always with a camera. After visiting the Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague (NL) he worked in photo studios before starting his own business in Rotterdam in 2002, doing mainly corporate and advertising photography.
In 2007 Sander moved to Brussels, where he mainly works for international magazines and newspapers. His photography is heavily influenced by street photographers, with a conscious control over light and composition.
De Wilde is known for portraits and visual stories for media, and shoots street photography and does etchings and lithography in his spare time.
His work got published in media like Le Monde, Die Welt, the Guardian, Times Magazine, Psychology Magazine, The Wall Street Journal. His autonomous work got published in titles like National Geographic, Politico, Volvo magazine, Kek, Knack, Humo, and many others.