Michael Thomas

I define the moment I became a photographer as when I took the worst photo of my life.
I came to photography as most my age, using a film camera.  It wasn’t until the advent of affordable digital cameras in the early 1990’s that I really come to find my voice in photography.  The blending of technology and art was key to me being able to create and shape images.
People always ask what you shoot, the easy answer is everything, the hard answer is what do you do with the images you capture. To me that is the true art, being able to take an image and bring out both the natural beauty and be able to manipulate some into images of how I see the world.
The worst photo I ever took as that of my father laying in the hospice bed, gasping for air in that final hour of his life.  It was a terrible photo, taken in a poorly lit room.  It was however the photo I had to take, and it made me realize that above all, I want to capture meaningful and expressive photos that preserve a moment as is the desire of all artists.