Francesco Serafini

Born in Brussels in 1967 of Italian nationality. Passionate about cinema, he made his first short film at the age of 17, for the needs of this film he discovered photography, with the pictures of the main actress who will become a famous top model, he tried to make his nest in fashion photography without any success and he quickly realized that he was not made for that.

On December 25, 1989 the revelation; by chance he covers for Amnesty International Brussels a demonstration in front of the Romanian embassy during the Coup d'Etat. A new feeling born in him that of the stolen moment, or as he has always called the thief of soul.

Throughout his career he will remain close to the world of cinema and his adopted country Japan, several exhibition projects will be realized ..." Hate fear and Love with the collaboration of the BIFFF and My vision of Japan" and all his personal work will remain on the concept of the stolen moment. He collaborated with the press agency ANSA (Italy) and the press agency Isopress (Belgium).

During his long career he remains open to all challenges, set photographer, cookbook illustrator, studio photographer, corporate photographer ... but then in 2016 he becomes a teacher of photography for the Institute of Culture of the Italian Embassy ... A vocation is born, passing on his knowledge acquired during all these years gives him great satisfaction.

"Photography helps people to see" Berenice Abbott.