Florent Rouanet

My first love, before soccer and Playstation 1, is my computer. Very young and already very curious, it is thanks to Paint that I understand what an image is made of: millions of pixels of different colors, one next to the other!

Then followed my first steps on Photoshop which will never leave my life!

I then discovered photography with wonder thanks to my parents' first digital camera, then came the day when my cell phone had a camera on it! A passion for the image already well established that I can now take everywhere with me.

In 2013, photography takes a new dimension when I move to Montreal. I come from a village in the south of France, my few trips to Europe pale in comparison to these skyscrapers, these big streets, these graffiti and all this multicultural wealth. The perfect opportunity to buy my first camera, in 2014 (a Fujifilm XM-1 that still sits proudly on its shelf, like a symbol).

The beauty of photography is that it makes us want to get out of our homes, explore the world and get lost in search of subjects or atmospheres to burn in our SD cards.

In 2020, what was only a dream and a side hustle during all these years became reality: I worked for a creative agency and then started my own business as a photographer and video maker. Today I specialize in content creation for companies and brands that want to tell their stories and continue to walk the streets in search of atmospheres and landscapes that make me feel something.

After all, photography is about saying in images what cannot be said in words.