Emily Smith

Emily Smith is an American Photographer who now resides in Brussels, Belgium. She began taking photographs at the age of 15 when she took her first black and white darkroom class. Since this marking experience, she knew that her camera would be her sidekick for life. She furthered her studies at The Southeast Center of Photographic Studies where she learned the technical side of her craft.  Upon graduation from photo school, Emily moved to New York City where she worked as an assistant, digital tech, and has done retouching for many different photographers. When she decided that sedentary life in NYC was not to her liking, she went traveling.  She stayed in the Palestinian Territories where she taught photography to teenagers. The students’ photographs were exhibited in both Stockholm and Paris. Through this experience, she developed an interest in teaching.
Her work has appeared in Israel’s Haaretz Newspaper, Marie Claire, and Paste Magazine.