DeMarcus Allen

Born and raised in the United States, DeMarcus Allen is a working photographer in Paris, who travels throughout the world for photographic projects. Though having been fond of photography since his youth, being a photographer had never crossed his mind growing up. It wasn’t until he moved to Paris to pursue his masters degree (after having worked in the prison system in the U.S.) that he bought a camera, simply to send photos of this unknown place home to his family. 
After months of shooting landscapes and architecture, DeMarcus wanted to try something to add more emotion to his photos: human subjects. Carrying his love for symmetry and lines into his fashion photography, DeMarcus shoots mostly exterior photos with the intention of fusing the two beauties: the emotion of the subject, and the backdrop in which he chooses to shoot these subjects. 
DeMarcus has worked for various magazines, online and print, and also spends the Fashion Week period photographing the runway and backstage portions of the  Paris fashion shows. He has taught classes in fashion photography, general photography and culinary photography, and tries to bring his unique “eye” to each scene he shoots.