Bertrand Cavalier

Bertrand Cavalier explores the interactions between people and their environment. Exploiting photography’s ability to penetrate the tissue that binds individuals together and embeds them into their surroundings, he creates poetic renditions of singular moments, rather than objective documents of social phenomena. Cavalier’s images reveal how the socio-political order informs everyday life through architecture and the urban landscape. At the same time, however, his interest goes out to the process through which people restructure the space they navigate and make it their own. As such, his photography attests to those aspects of everyday life that creatively appropriate dominant ideology and in doing so, resist it. 
Cavalier's series ‘Concrete Doesn't Burn’ will be published in 2020 by Fw:Books. In 2019, he received the Sébastien Van der Straten grant for his ongoing project The Grid System. His work has been published with Futures (European platform for photography), PH Museum, GUP magazine and was presented during Plat(t)form at the Winterthur Photography Museum. Cavalier exhibited at FOMU Antwerp, FRAC Orléans and BredaPhoto, among others.