Antonin Amy Menichetti

Professional photographer, Amy Antonin Menichetti lives and works in Paris. He receives a gift his first reaction to the age of 11. artistic parents of a child, he quickly developed a critical eye on the painting, art and what generally surrounds. Having studied at the Beaux Arts in Paris, he went through various channels before reaching the professional photograph. First artist, he was a sculptor and performer and has collaborated with many international artists. Then, working in an interior architecture firm as a consultant colors and materials, he decided to chuck everything and get back to a passion that accompanied him throughout his life: the Photography. Alongside his pictures of art, he developed interior design work as a photographer and portraits and stories. His current practice oscillates between artistic vision and the need to represent a person and his inner world crossing his. The plastic dimension is at the center of its concerns in the production of his images. His photographs, often very lyrical, invite doubt and an extra-ordinary world view.