Andrew Felix

I am a Melbourne Based self-taught boudoir photographer of 6 years. I find myself in the photography field as I enjoy the aspect of empowering women and capturing beauty, the energy I put into my shoots, and the impact on the women I have worked with, is life changing. Enabling women to see themselves is a very rewarding experience. Then of course there is the art form and as you know a photo tells 1000 stories, the technical equipment and technical post processing side.

Many people express themselves in different ways. My work has been with people from a wide range of different backgrounds and I love working together with them to create a photo series that they can look at as a piece of art.

I have been published 15 times Internationally and 5 times in Australia – which is a huge recognition for my work.

I look forward to passing my knowledge on to my students and seeing them grow in photography.