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20 Famous Portraits Photographers You Need to Know

Portrait photography is one of the most popular genres of photography. However, in the early days of the art form, it was a luxury reserved for the wealthy. The process of taking a portrait was a long and expensive one, and the results were usually stern and serious. However, as...

5 completely dispensable hacks for your Nikon

It is Sunday, the sky is grey, the weather is dragging on and time almost seems to be going backwards. The afternoon spreads out in front of you but there is nothing on the horizon, not even one of those soporific phone calls with the in-laws. You have never been...

The History of Nikon in 8 legendary cameras

In March 1948, the very first Nikon camera was launched, soberly entitled the "Nikon I". In the first two years after its release, this small 35mm camera, as well as a few compatible lenses, were only sold in Japan. It was not until 1950 that the reputation of the Nikon...

William Eggleston: You Will Be Criticized Whatever You Do

Every influential photographer has always been criticized for whatever reason. Some will blame him for not following the rules, others will be presumptuous enough to try to make something new. Every time we rebel against the status quo imposed by the majority, we are subjected to the merciless test of...
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